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    Customer experience

WHY Consulting is by your side for your growth plans

WHY Consulting builds and deploys operational and pragmatic strategies to quickly boost the relational and sales performance of your company.
We are always looking to obtain concrete outcomes for you to create customer loyalty, develop your sales and increase profitability.
We are strongly committed alongside your teams, in the field, to ensure appropriation and operational implementation of actions of progress.

3 Areas of expertise


Sales and marketing strategy

Sales organisation

Leadership and management

Key Account Management

Value creation

Sales skills


Voice of the customer

Customer strategy

Customer orientation

Customer experience





Impulsion and implementation

Collective innovation and transversal agility

Leadership and management

Transformation project management

ACCELERATING Your Sales Successes

Growth, profitability, launching of an offer, competition… Your sales results are based on the performance and consistency of multiple factors Together, we identify the most effective levers for your context and your goals.

Customer-Centric Sales and Marketing Strategy

Existing needs
Market trends
Stakeholders and decision-making methods

Organisation of the Commercial Function

Targets segmentation
Differentiation of approaches
Definition of roles and responsibilities
Organisation efficiency

Sales Management and Leadership

Sales force motivation
Accountability and support
Indicators and steering
Performance assessment

Key Account Management

Mission, profile and management of KAM
Organisation, cross-functional management and coordination
Strategy, account plan and contact plan

Value Creation

Analysis of customer challenges
Customer-specific support
Solution selling and team selling

Sales Skills

Mastering the offer and its value
Detecting and listening to needs
Arousing and appreciating interest
Presenting arguments, negotiating and closing

Whether your project calls for a precise diagnosis of your sales performance, a profound overhaul of your organisation, a quick and focused mobilisation of your resources or a reinforcement of specific skills, we work by your side, with your teams, to ensure the effectiveness of the solutions provided, the teams’ adherence and the achievement of intended results.

FOSTERING Customer Delight

Being close to your customers, facilitating their daily life and bringing them solutions to make them more efficient are now essential conditions to retain them permanently in a B2B context. We bring you support from the definition of your customer project through its implementation.

Voice of the Customer

Evaluate customer relationship (Why Customer Insight®)
Detect risky accounts (Why Index®)
Rally the teams around the voice of the customer

Customer Strategy

Build the company’s customer vision
Align the company on a shared customer vision
Design differentiating offers
Use digital solutions to offer new services

Customer Orientation

Evaluate and benchmark the company’s practices and customer orientation
(Customer Orientation Review®)
Develop managers’ and teams’ customer orientation
(Customer Recognition Program®)
Know how to manage key moments / Develop customer leadership

Customer Experience

Map and redefine the Customer Journey
Innovate through customer service (Service Design)
Design and set up a call centre for customers

By drawing on the voice of the customer and on the assessment of your practices, we bring support to your teams to build strong customer orientation, reinforce customer leadership of you managers, rethink your organisation around the client and bring offers that create more value to your customers.

RELEASING Creative Energies

Reconfigure quickly the company to adapt to the market, install a cross-functional process, incorporate a new management approach, switch from a product-driven organisation to a market driven-one… We bring energising approaches to your teams to help them rethink their methods and invent operational, durable and effective solutions.

Impulsion and Implementation

Transformation strategy
Buy-in and mobilisation of teams
Guidance and opening of the field of creativity

Collective Innovation and Transverse Agility

Collaborative workshops
Design thinking
World cafe

Transformation Leadership and Management

Manager’s role in the transformation
Evolution of managing practices
Coaching of the stakeholders for change

Project Management

Planning and management of the transformation in the long term
Assistance to project management
Internal communication

Building on collective intelligence, bringing meaning and coherence, highlighting achievements, respecting cultural differences, we guide your transformation with this permanent thought: you should be proud of the progress made.