WHY Consulting is now listed on DATADOCK!

Our Training Organisation has been declared compliant with the quality decree and is now listed by the backers of professional training.

We are pleased to announce that our training programs meet the 6 quality criteria as defined by the Quality Decree (Décret Qualité) of June 30, 2015, entered into force in 2017.  Our application on the Datadock platform has been approved on October 24!


Datadock is a unique and shared database allowing professional training backers to check the conformity of training organisations on the basis of 21 quality indicators grouped into 6 criteria. A training organisation declared on Datadock becomes listed after a review process by one of the backers, stakeholders of this quality approach.

How to facilitate a training with WHY Consulting from now on?

You can (continue to) call on WHY Consulting for the design and facilitation of your company’s training courses by contacting your OPCA (the approved joint collecting body for vocational training in France). This entity will be able to take your request for financial support under its usual conditions!


To discover our training offer in the areas of sales performance, customer relationship and management…., contact us to speak with one of our expert consultants. He will respond to your request and assist you in developing your training project: +33 1 40 07 40 40.