Multichannel contact centres are at the heart of the customer experience.


They are present at every stage of the customer relationship: pre-sale, contract management, customer service, after-sales service. They are fundamental assets in creating a positive customer experience. But they also represent a complex management and significant costs, whether they are managed internally or handled by service providers.


Numerous questions arise:

  • Are communication channels and the organisation used to their best to satisfy customers?
  • Is the platforms’ configuration adapted to optimise costs and deliver a service that meets customers’ expectations?
  • Is the customer journey actually under control?
  • Does the management system allow to achieve performance goals?
  • Is the contract entered into with the service provider compatible with an efficient processing of customers’ requests? Is the management of the service appropriate?
  • Is the quality/cost ratio optimal?
  • …..


Specialist in customer relationship and sales performance in B2B for 18 years, WHY Consulting offers solutions to help companies get the best of their B2B and B2C contact centres.


Services offered span from flash diagnosis to supporting the implementation of a new organisation.


For more information, feel free to contact Olivier Tabusse (olivier.tabusse@why-consulting.com), Director at WHY Consulting.