‘Customer Orientation’ Conference – March 21, 2017

WHY Consulting joined Echos Events as a partner for the 2nd edition of its “Customer Orientation” Conference (Conférence ‘Culture Client’). In 2017, the conference addressed B2C as well as B2B and B2B2C stakeholders. Its main topic was “Commitment, Personalisation, Conversation: the new levers of customer experience?

Serge Rouvière, Managing Director WHY Consulting, spoke during a round table dedicated to specific challenges of customer experience in B2B – Here is an in-depth look: What are the key levers for an efficient customer experience in “B2B” and “B2B2C”?

Discover the programme and the speakers as well as the report of this 2017 edition

A popular event which received extensive coverage on social networks, especially on Twitter #Culture client 2017 and  _WhyConsulting  !