“The wave of the century” (“La vague du siècle”), a publication by the Institut Esprit Service to discover

Think tank created by the MEDEF, the Institut Esprit Service (IES) brings together general managements of companies, administrations, representatives of the academic world and organisations from all lines of business.

Its main mission is the development of thoughts, methods and tools for service management. It has a special vocation to work towards the merger and the meshing of companies with public stakeholders.

On November 26, the IES organised a conference in Paris to present the findings of its committees’ work “Customer delight” and “Digital action”.

More than 30 speakers from all backgrounds took part to show and debate on the necessary structural transformation of companies to adapt themselves to the profound changes resulting from the current “digital wave”.

Find out more in the publication « Transformed companies – The wave of the century (La vague du siècle)– Digital – Management – Delight », distributed as the outcome of the event, about how the digital transformation does not represent a threat but rather a real opportunity for competitiveness and growth for agile companies that have started adapting their internal organisations and included “customer delight” in their strategic priorities.